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We are so excited to share all of the adventures in store for you when you visit Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona. Sitting at an elevation of 7,000 ft, Pinetop-Lakeside offers clean crisp air, a mesmerizing star-filled sky, miles of trails through the world's largest Ponderosa Pine Forest, and over 200 streams and lakes. This year-around, natural playground provides endless opportunities for all of your favorite outdoor activities from skiing to fishing to hiking. Don't think that just because you are coming to the mountains you have to give up all of the comforts you are accustom to... Our vast offering of hotels, lodges, restaurants, and shopping, makes Pinetop-Lakeside your ideal vacation destination!

No Matter What Time of Year It Is,

We Have An Adventure For You!

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"We never knew Arizona had places like this!" is something we hear all the time. If you think Arizona is all dry deserts and hot temperatures, we have a surprise for you. Learn how a short drive or easy flight can bring you to our mountain oasis. 

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